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Questions that customers have about our Fruit Feeder Pacifier 🍉

Q1 : Is the entire unit made of silicone? if not, is entire unit BPA free?

A1 : No, it's hard plastic and silicone. The nipple detaches like on a baby bottle. Easy to clean and is BPA free.


Q2 : Can it be sanitized in and UV sterilizer? Using a Wabi Baby UV Sterilizer.

A2 : Yes , of course.


Q3 : Can I use fruit like apple ?

A3 : Yes, as long as you cut it into small enough pieces.


Q4 : Can you freeze breast milk directly in these containers?

A4 : You can freeze a little in the outer cap. Cut it in half with the tip of a steak knife (while in the cap). Then divide it between two feeders. Doesn’t last long but my 4 1/2 month old starts shaking his arms and legs in excitement when I pull one out of the freezer.


Q5 : Is it useful for a baby that doesn't use pacifier or bottle normally?

A5: Yes. Some babies hardly take a pacifier and doesn't use bottles and enjoy this especially since they are teething.


Questions that customers have about our Baby Bottle 🍼

A1 : Can I use the sterilizer to disinfect, 10-15 minutes and can I also disinfect after each feeding?

Q2 : It is important that you have to disinfect it at first use.
It is recommended that you lightly disinfect each subsequent use


A2 : Is it BPA free?

Q2 : Yes, the material is BPA free.


A3 : is the spoon silicone too or plastic?

Q3 : No, spoon is not silicone . Made of plastic ,hard material compared to silicone.


A4 : I wanna know if this spoon has some smell when it was used first time?

Q4 : Not that I recall, shouldn't smell like anything other than rubber maybe.


A5 : Hello, does work for liquid? Example water o milk.?

Q5 : Yes, it does.